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search engines we submit to - yahoo, looksmart, google, inktomi, iwon, hotbot, altavista, msn, and overtureWith the Internet changing everyday, staying on top of the latest online marketing trends is a must for your business. In order to have a successful Internet marketing campaign, expert consultation is highly necessary. Many businesses waste hours of time and thousands of dollars, simply because they don't have the experience or know what marketing is effective on the web. With our expertise, we can position your website properly to give your company the dominant presence that is needed on the world wide web. Click Here to See How Pay Per Click Advertising Works...Call us at 1-888-846-9694 to Get Started!

Our search engine experts will assist your businesses with any of the following pay per click services, providing you quality website traffic and managing a successful Internet marketing campaign...
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Learn More About Yahoo Search Marketing, formally Overture

Overture lists your Web site across the Internet's top engines, including MSN, Yahoo!,,, AltaVista, cNet,, Infospace and more. With premium listings you can reach 80% of Internet users. Advertisers pay Overture the amount of their bid only when a consumer clicks on their listing, providing them with one of the most cost effective ways to drive targeted customer leads to their sites. Minimum bid is .10 per keyword...>>> Sign Up For Yahoo Search Marketing (Formally Overture) Now

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Learn More About FindWhat gets your site listed on Dogpile, Metacrawler, Excite and more. With there technology, search results are ranked based upon an open bidding system, where each advertiser can bid a higher click-through fee in order for there message to be closer to the top of the search results. Advertisers are only charged for actual clicks, or traffic, which come to their site...>>> Sign up for FindWhat Now

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Learn More About AskJeeves

AskJeeves Premier ListingsSM are incredibly easy-to-implement keyword targeted ad units that generate high click-through rates and drive targeted traffic to your website. Strategically placed within the top results on our search results page, they offer users targeted and detailed text messages. Only one advertiser can bid on a specific keyword, so there are no bid wars. Take advantage of the entire Ask Jeeves® Keyword Network including®, and over 50 network sites.

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Learn More About Excite

Now you can guarantee that your site is included in the search index of Excite and other leading search sites across the Internet. Traditionally, search engines require you to pay per every URL on your entire website, review only a portion of your site, and only refresh your site once a month or less. With the Guaranteed Inclusion program, you can submit your website for one bulk price to>>> Sign Up for Excite Now

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Ah-ha applies unique advertising programs to join websites to potential customers. Founded in 1999 as a filtered search engine, ah-ha now offers an array of products and services to advertisers and webmasters throughout the Internet, including Distribution and Partner Programs, Paid Listings, LogoLinks™, TopLinks Creatives, Guaranteed Inclusion, and Skyscraper advertisements and many smaller search portals. The minimum bid is only .01, which gets you on alot of smaller engines across the web...>>> Sign Up for Now

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Learn More About Looksmart

Unlike other PPC's, the Looksmart Networks' clicks are .15 regardless on your search term. Your listing will appear in directory search results on partner sites. LookSmart's partner network reaches 68 million people per month, or three out of every four U.S. Internet users. Partners include ISPs and top portals such as MSN, Netscape,,, and more...
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Learn More About GoogleAdwords

Advertise on the most popular search engine. With Google AdWords, your price is automatically lowered to one cent more than your closest competitor. No one can lock in the top position because user click through rates and CPC determine where your ad is shown. Ads appear on, AOL Search, AskJeeves, Earthlink and Lycos.  The most relevant ads rise to the top. Google offers a unique set of tools to forecast your budget and select target keywords. You can target your ads to users in a specific country or only to speakers of a specific language.

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Learn More About Kanoodle is a unique Internet advertising service that provides an efficient and cost-effective means of driving high-quality traffic to Web sites. Whether you're a Web site advertiser seeking customers, brand recognition, or a medium for your message, Kanoodles partners include, HotBar and Cnet...>>> Sign Up for Kanoodle Now

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Exposure Rating: is great for those sites geared towards a business to business audience. Some of their distribution partners include Financial Times,,, Fast Company,, cNet,,, ZDNet, and more. They offer two types of pay per click programs.

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Learn More About ePilot

As an ePilot advertiser, a single search listing has the opportunity to be displayed on a leading network of top 100 sites with over 200 million monthly searches. By setting your bid to at least $0.07 per click, your site will qualify to be listed on NetZero, TrafficBoss, Engine54,, 24/7 Media and PageSeeker...>>> Sign Up for ePilot Yourself

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