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 Top Paid Inclusion Services

With the Internet changing everyday, staying on top of the latest online marketing trends is a must for your business. In order to have a successful Internet marketing campaign, expert consultation is highly necessary. Many businesses waste hours of time and thousands of dollars, simply because they don't have the experience or know what marketing is effective on the web.

With our expertise, we can professionally submit your website properly to give your company the dominant presence that is needed on the world wide web. The days of free listings are getting harder and harder to achieve, without doing a paid inclusion...
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Our search engine experts will assist your businesses with any of the following paid inclusion services, providing you quality website traffic and managing a successful Internet marketing campaign...
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 Overture Site Match - New (Merged from Inktomi)


With Overture's New Site Match you can reach millions of users by submitting your pages through one program that powers search results for top web portals such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb and other sites. Site Match reporting includes number of clicks, and search terms for each URL in the program. Both current and historical data are presented...>>> Have Us Do a Professional Submission for You

 Lycos Insite Inclusion


The Lycos Insite Program distributes your site on top search engines such as Lycos, HotBot and MSN. Rapid inclusion and frequent refresh on content. Detailed click, keyword and site optimization reports. You also get coverage on Fast and Inktomi's distributions partners. This reaches 70% of all searchers.
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 Yahoo Directory Submission


Yahoo! Express as part of a suite of services that Yahoo! has created to service small business needs. Through Yahoo! Express, they can ensure that sites suggested by merchants such as yourself are viewed and evaluated in a timely manner by Yahoo!'s editorial staff. Guaranteed and expedited consideration of your site within 7 business days.>>> Have Us Do a Professional Submission for You
 AskJeeves Site Inclusion (Powered by Teoma)

 Ask Jeeves Logo


The Ask Jeeves Site Submit program is an easy, cost effective way to get your most important pages included and refreshed in Teoma's U.S. index, ensuring that the millions of people who use Teoma's search technology can find your site when they're looking for it. Best of all, Site Submit is low-overhead: just submit your pages once, and they'll be included and updated in the Teoma U.S. index for a full year. >>> Have Us Do a Professional Submission for You


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