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 Orlando Charity, Orlando Charities - Helping Kids in Need's
"Inspire With Sports" Mentorship Program

In my life, I've been fortunate enough to experience sports to it's fullest.  We'll almost. I didn't make the big leagues or the NFL, but thanks to sports, I've been lucky to learn about sportsmanship, winning and being the best you can be. Over the past 28 years, I've played almost every sport and met a lot of world class athletes along the way. Now I feel like it's my turn to give back to society.

Ryan Totka and his company, is in the process of creating a charity / program helping kids throughout the Orlando community who are in need of a help and a positive influence. My idea is to help troubled kids by bringing sports into their lives and being a positive influence. A lot of kids get into trouble simply because they get involved with the wrong crowd and don't have the support around them to get involved in sports.

I've grew up around sports all my life, and fortunately had great parents who taught me the importance of getting involved in positive things. I feel that it is very important to help those in need, especially kids. That's why I am in the process of putting together this program that helps kids get involved in sports, which teaches team unity, dedication, motivation, how to work with others and proper sportsmanship.

My goal is to provide mentorship, motivation and inspiration with sports, while teaching  kids about various sports such as baseball, football, boxing, basketball and more. I want this to be their chance to meet former and current professional athletes, (who are the true inspiration to young kids) and the ability for them to ask any questions about sports or life.

Details of the Program:

One day a month, all those interested are invited to participate in a number of sports activities at Champions Sports Complex off of Sand Lake Road in Orlando. The Champions Sports Complex They will have to opportunity to learn from the experts, compete with other kids and participate in various sporting activities. All skills levels are welcome.


Champions Sports Complex

6700 Kings Pointe Parkway
Orlando, Florida  32819
Phone: (407) 351-9700
Fax: (407) 581-7166

More information is available at

>>> If you would like to get involved with "Inspire With Sports" or know of a child who would like to participate, email Ryan Totka.

Here are some pictures of TornadoPromotions' Ryan Totka and Ernie Falco
with some professional athletes and other celebrities:

Dallas Mavericks Owner and HDNet Founder, Mark Cuban

St. Louis Rams Wide Receiver Isaac Bruce

Miami Dolphins Running Back Ricky Williams

Kansas City Chiefs QB Trent Green

Indianapolis Colts Marvin Harrison

Milwaukee Brewers Top Prospect, Rickie Weeks

Toronto Raptors' Vince Carter

Buffalo Bills' Thurman Thomas

Seattle Seahawks, Shaun Alexander

Chicago Bears' William "The Refridgerator" Perry

Dallas Cowboys' Ed "Too Tall" Jones

Green Bay Packers' Bart Starr


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