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search engine optimizationDid you know that over 85% of all Internet traffic is generated from search engines, such as Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista, AOL, Google and more. Where does your site rank?  It takes vast knowledge of search engine technology and the proper coding on your website's Meta Tags. Many web design firms neglect to use the right meta tags and without that, your site may never show up...Contact us to Optimize Your Website for the Internet's Largest Search Engines

Along with a content-rich site, the most important factor in generating website traffic is making sure your website has the right Meta Tags, which include effective Titles, descriptive Keywords and in-depth Descriptions.

The proper quantity, quality, and use of keywords and phrases helps position your site where your prospects can find you (at the top of search engine and directory results pages), increasing your click-through rates.

We help you identify and validate the keywords and phrases that will get you the rankings and the response you want. We continually alter your keyword selection, since rankings change from week to week, to obtain and maintain the best possible position for your site-ahead of your competition. This service cannot guarantee you any certain position but will help increase your placement.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Will Provide:

- Custom Written Titles on All Pages Throughout Your Site
- In-Depth Meta Descriptions About Your Products and Services
- Making Keyword Text More Relevent Throughout the Site
- Researching and Finding the Most Relevant Keywords
- Optimizing Your <ALT> tags on your Images
- Building Your Site's Link Popularity


Is Your Site Listed on Google Yet?

googleGoogle is by far is the largest and reputable search engine on the web. They now power Yahoo and AOL. In a recent study by WebSideStory, Inc., Google is said to be responsible for 3/4 of all online searches. If you focus on one search engine, Google is where you want to be!

Want to see our Google experience? Type in "orlando webmaster" or "slogan ideas" and see where comes up. We can really optimize location specific businesses, as well as niche markets.  Also, our site gets top placement for terms like "orlando bmw", "orlando mercedes" and "orlando hummer", which is FREE!

Our service is only a one-time fee of only $350, with no other charges. After the optimization, we also submit your site to the top 40 search engines on the web for spidering. After your purchase, you will be forward to our form to fill out your website information. In you have any questions, please give us a call at 407-886-0888.

Contact our search engine marketing department with any questions.

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