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JC Chasez and is proud to be working with JC Chasez of *NSYNC on his latest project called

As you certainly may have noticed, the music industry is going through what can best be described as a revolution. The road to freedom is marked with many unknowns.  We really do not know how this journey and this website will evolve over the next few months and years. It has already taken various twists and turns. What started out as a vehicle for JC Chasez to stay in contact with his fan base quickly developed into a feedback instrument for the ever-changing music industry. Over the next few weeks and months, JC will release several different, original and never-before-released tracks for you to download only at  The best part: THEY ARE FREE!  They are a gift to you from JC, as a thank you for visiting this website and supporting his work over the years.  In return, JC asks a favor of you - buy his new album, "Schizophrenic", and encourage all your friends to buy their own copies of "Schizophrenic". 

Over the next few months JC and the rest of us at will be experimenting with various music encryption technologies as a means of protecting the intellectual properties of artists, all the while, keeping in mind the freedom, portability, and fair use, music fans require and deserve. With the assistance of various companies such as immediatek, we will also be experimenting with ways to attain fast CD quality downloads -- quality you demand & deserve in a reasonable download time frame. We are excited that you came by to check out this website and invite you to come along on this exciting journey!


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