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how pay per click marketing works
Learn How Pay Per Click Marketing Works

Search Terms and Keywords

A "search term" or “keyword” is the exact word or phrase users will type in to find your product, service or information. For example, if your business sells “golf products”, your relevant terms would include (golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, etc) capitalizing on the way people search online. We go beyond the obvious to add search terms based on common search spacing, misspellings and plural forms. Most clients will have between 20 and 100 search terms depending on the scope of their business. Some will even have thousands! Our expertise in search term selection will maximize the efficiency of your search term listings.

Here is an example of possible golf search terms and how many times they were looked up the past month.
Searches Performed Last Month
Search Term
Pay Per Click Bids

Your "bid" for each search term determines how much you will pay when a user searches for one of the terms you have bid on, then clicks on your listing and visits your website. If they don't visit your website, you are not charged. Listings are ranked "highest bid first" - the higher the bid, the higher the rank. For example, if one of your terms is "golf clubs ", and a competitor is currently bidding $0.25 for the term, you would have to bid $0.26 to rank above that competitor. This means that you are willing to pay $0.26 for each user that searches for that term and then clicks on your listing and visits your website. The minimum bid for any search term is $.10, and bids can be changed in real-time by $.01 increments.
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The Best Way to Advertise

In contrast to traditional advertising (radio, TV, billboards, etc) where you pay regardless of performance, our search term marketing service only charges your account when interested users click through to visit your website. Independent research shows that advertisers receive the highest ROI from pay-for-placement search when compared to other forms of advertising. In addition, each listing contains a title (the link to your website) and a paragraph describing your company. These allow users to determine if your business is exactly what they are searching for before they click on the link. This ability to target specific potential customers offers our clients tremendous results at a very reasonable cost.

Getting Started

If you are interested in getting your site top placement, we will begin with a FREE Consultation to explain how our service will benefit your business, and answer any questions you may have about web marketing. We can be reached at 407-886-0888 or via email at  Once you fully understand the advantage of starting a new account with us, you will be responsible for the following:  

1.    Listing Set Up FEE:
There is a one-time set up fee starting as low as $399 for each account.
This covers research into your business, capturing relevant search terms, phrase selection, title and description writing, and search term cost analysis. You will receive a list of several to hundreds of relevant key words and key phrases with the number of times the search term was looked up in the previous month. With our expertise of Internet marketing and your knowledge of your industry, we will work together with you to capture the most effective keywords possible...Request a FREE Website
Consultation Here

2.    Listing Activation:
After the research is done, we will set you up with our search engine partners. We fill out your billing information for your accounts and our search engine listing partners will bill you directly for your click thrus. You can contact us to adjust the monthly spend amount accordingly, to fit your budget. Search term approval takes approximately 2-3 business days. We will get as many relevant search terms as you need.

3.    Partner Billing for Click Charges:
All click charges are directly debited from your account by the alliance of participating partners. A minimum monthly spend of $20, and a minimum bid of five cents per term. If your account is depleted, your terms will no longer be listed across the network until more funds are deposited to cover additional click through charges. We will keep you informed of account status and, with your authorization, add funds to your account using your preferred method of payment when necessary. Your monthly budget is up to you.

Example: If your average cost per click is $0.10, you will receive 500 targeted new visits to your website before your initial $50.00 runs out.

4.    Optional Monthly Account Management Fee:
Starting as low as $100 a month, we constantly make sure that your listings stay at the top to get maximum exposure on all the search engines. We also add any new search terms as needed. We will send you monthly stats including what words were clicked on and how many times, monthly click thru costs, and average cost per click, so we can make adjustments for you accordingly to maximize with your ROI.

Call 1-888-846-9694 to get your site top listings on the major search engines across the Internet or reach us via email at with any questions.

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