search engine marketing has assisted hundreds of businesses around the world with implementing successful Internet marketing campaigns. We first begin with a Free Website Consultation to go over your company's goals and analyze your website. We look at what you are currently doing and show you ways to generate more business from the web. Our strategies implement the various ways to get your site listed on the major search engines...Give us a Call at 1-888-846-9694 for a Free Consultation.

Our Professional Pay Per Click Account Management Provides:

- Daily Management of Your Bids Maintaining Desired Placement
- Manage Your Account Billing and Budget Accordingly Changing at Any Time
- Monthly Site Submission to the Top 40 Search Engines
- Provide You With Detailed Click Reports When Requested
- Add New Keyword Search Terms to Your Account When Requested
- Provide Expert Recommendations to Maximize Your Site
- We are Your Main Point of Contact for Any Internet Marketing Questions!

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When becoming a client with us (on our account management plan), you become exclusive to us, meaning we only work with one client per industry. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer in Tampa, Florida, we won't take another client in the same field as you, which is for your best interest.

How Pay Per Click Marketing Works:

There are several search engines which will rank your web site according to how much you are prepared to pay them. These are usually set up on a Pay Per Click basis where you pay a set amount of money every time someone searches for keywords or key phrases on which you are bidding and then clicks on your link to visit your site. The higher your bid, the higher your site is placed...We manage your pay per click bids, so you can do what you do best, focus on running your business!

This can be a very controllable way of marketing your site. We change your bids up or down at a moment's notice and you can set limits of how much you will pay each month. If no one clicks on your listing, you don't pay a penny, yet your site's entry is still seen by the people using these sites. They soon get to recognize your name thus establishing branding of your company's name and its services.

We are huge fans of the PPC model and recommend this type of promotion to our clients. PPC seems to be much better than banner advertising because you only pay if someone clicks on your listing. With a banner campaign, you generally pay for so-many thousand views of your banner whether anyone clicks on it or not. There are some pitfalls to beware of though, with PPC, and the management of a PPC campaign can become rather labor intensive. Here we offer a PPC management service whereby we will keep checking your site's rankings on the PPC search engine(s) that you use and we will adjust your bids to achieve your aims.

For example, you may find yourselves battling it out with another site to get that all important number 1 spot. As soon as you increase your bid to jump above your competitors site, they too could do the same and outbid you. This tends to go on until one site drops out of the running or runs out of funds. You may then find yourselves with a bid which is considerably higher than the next site below you. Reducing your bid to 1 penny more than that site will retain your ranking but you will now be paying a lot less when the site user clicks on your listing. It is a question of you deciding how much you want to spend and what ranking you would like to maintain.

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